Plush Loon Toy


Teach kids the songs of birds in a fun and creative way. This plush toy bird is not only realistically detailed, but when squeezed lightly, it plays its authentic bird call. This 5" plush toy bird was authentically designed with markings approved by the National Audubon Society and bird calls recorded by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Birds resembling loons first evolved 130 million years ago. This primitive bird has since become a symbol of grace, beauty and wildness for many people. Native Americans believed it was "The Spirit of Northern Waters" and the French named it "The Diver with the Necklace".

Concern for Vermont's loons became acute during the mid 1980's when the total number of breeding pairs dipped to seven. The sharp decline, attributed to nest site disturbance, loss of habitat, and heavy metal contamination, sounded an alarm for the state's ponds and lakes. As consumers of fish at the top of the freshwater food chain, loons are recognized indicators of water quality and ecosystem integrity.

Loons were removed from Vermont's Endangered and Threatened Species list in April 2005.  
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What's Going On…. 6/24/2017

Loon chick has hatched

Hi everyone: The Harvey's Lake loon chick has hatched! After monitoring the loon nest in the marsh since May 28, I saw a loon with the chick on its back on the lake  yesterday, June 21. From the amount of loon calling that people have heard the last few nights, it seems  that the chick probably hatched earlier this week.

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Eye On The Night Sky 12/14/2017

Daily Forecast: December 14, 2017

Mostly sunny. Valley highs from the upper teens to mid 20s south and in the southern Champlain Valley, single digits to mid teens elsewhere north, with wind chills from zero to ten below. West winds 10 to 15 mph, gusting to 20 mph....

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