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Welcome to our Lake Harvey Association website. We hope you find it both helpful and informative.

Our Association was founded in the 1950's by lake residents Walter Wirthwein, Robert Shields, Russell Wheelock and others who believed it was important that those who loved Lake Harvey work together to preserve and enhance the wonderful quality of life that residents and visitors alike enjoy. That remains our mission today.

The founders felt that an annual meeting afforded members an opportunity to meet fellow residents and to discuss both the issues of the day as well as their concerns and ideas for the future. We honor that tradition, and via our website now provide an ongoing forum for those concerns and ideas.

Along the way members have contributed a gathering pavilion at the public beach for all to enjoy. We have barbequed thousands of chickens, taught boating safety, entertained with boat parades. We have provided magnificent fireworks viewed from decks, docks and a flotilla of boats on warm summer evenings throughout the years. We have a great newsletter. We have grown to over one hundred members, and the purpose of this website is to reach out into our larger lake community and encourage all to join our Association.

Our primary focus is the lake itself - protection of its waters and shoreline. Working with local farmers, we have created and maintain diversion ditches to protect the lake from adverse farm runoff. We have asked friends and neighbors for donations, obtained government grants and lobbied our Town officials for funds. We have established an ongoing boat monitoring program in order to educate people about the dangers of milfoil and other invasive species. Our boat monitoring staff inspects all boats, washing them as needed, before they enter our waters. Barnet residents this year are contributing $10,000 toward that vital program. These efforts have to date kept our waters clear and healthy.

Prevention is the only cure. Join Us to keep Lake Harvey pure.

What's Going On…. 6/24/2017

Loon chick has hatched

Hi everyone: The Harvey's Lake loon chick has hatched! After monitoring the loon nest in the marsh since May 28, I saw a loon with the chick on its back on the lake  yesterday, June 21. From the amount of loon calling that people have heard the last few nights, it seems  that the chick probably hatched earlier this week.

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Eye On The Night Sky 12/14/2017

Daily Forecast: December 14, 2017

Mostly sunny. Valley highs from the upper teens to mid 20s south and in the southern Champlain Valley, single digits to mid teens elsewhere north, with wind chills from zero to ten below. West winds 10 to 15 mph, gusting to 20 mph....

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