Just wanted to let everyone on the Lake know that over the past six months we've had two $1,000 paddle boards stolen right off our dock and at some point someone tried to use a pry-bar to break into our house through the lake front french doors. We have since installed an alarm tied to the State Police with several cameras, so we hope to catch the culprits should they try again! Anyway, just a heads up to everyone!
Enjoy the warm weather!
Tim van Leer .
Bob Brown, who lives at the end of Woodland Ln, shared a frightening encounter that his daughter had last weekend.  Late, 2 am, a pontoon boat cut it's engine, after turning, so that the stern faced the shore.  It then coasted up to their dock.  When they yelled from the porch, the boat started and sped away.  They had thefts during the winter, as well.  Vigilance is a must.   Wendy Raeder

Cindy Guibord

We had a full tank of gas ( $87.00)  stolen out of a vehicle at our place.

What's Going On…. 2/17/2018

Ice Out 2018!


 It’s been a long, cold winter. But the ice will go out, sooner or later, and the weather will warm and our thoughts will turn to long awaited, pending spring.

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Eye On The Night Sky 6/19/2018

Daily Forecast: June 19, 2018

Becoming mostly sunny south. A mix of clouds and sun north this morning, becoming mostly sunny. Breezy, cooler, and less humid. Highs in the 70s, a few upper 60s over the higher terrain north, to near 80 in the warmest valleys south. Winds north ...

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