Loon chick disappearance 7/2

Hi everyone:
Usually I have happy news to report, such as hatching information or loons arriving the same day as ice out, but today the news is that one of the two loon chicks disappeared on July 2. Members of Bob Dufresne's family saw the adults and two chicks in front of their camp at 3:30 PM but at 7:30 the adults were seen with only one chick. Bob checked the area for the chick but there was no sign of it.
There were no boats in the area at the time but there are snapping turtles  in that area.
There had been intruder loons flying onto and off the lake early that morning but the adults were aggressive about keeping they at bay.

Don Easter had mentioned to me that morning that he had watched the adults feeding the chicks and saw that one was  not taking  minnows readily. Perhaps that is an indication that it was failing to thrive for some reason and was easy prey for a turtle. Has anyone seen an eagle flying over the lake this summer? In the past, an eagle has been seen diving after a loon chick.

While we had high hopes of watching two chicks grow to fly away this Fall, we have  had a good record of success in the last three years, with four chicks surviving their first summer.

Folks are continuing to see the other chick and parents in the southern end of the lake. We are also seeing two or three loons in the upper bay most days.

MANY thanks to Barbara Roggeveen for capturing great pictures of the chicks during the first day they were on the lake.

Next loon centered activity on Harveys will be the annual Vermont loon census at 8:00 AM on Saturday July 19, If anyone would like to help with that, please let me know. It takes about 30 minutes to cover an area of the lake, accounting for each and every loon, marking their location and time seen. We report the information to Eric for the statewide census. Something to do before the Yard Sales in West Barnet!


Jan Parsons

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