Loon chick has hatched

 Hi everyone: The Harvey's Lake loon chick has hatched! After monitoring the loon nest in the marsh since May 28, I saw a loon with the chick on its back on the lake  yesterday, June 21. From the amount of loon calling that people have heard the last few nights, it seems  that the chick probably hatched earlier this week. Today the parents were hanging out in front of the beach with the chick either on a parent's back or in the water swimming next to a parent. The chick looked healthy and active.

The marsh is now available for kayaking to the South Peacham Brook again and we will try to have the warning sign removed soon.
Please remind everyone to keep a good distance away from the loon family while kayaking or boating. Use binoculars from a distance to enjoy watching the family.  It is important to avoid creating a wake from boats or jet skis, especially while the chick is learning to dive. We cannot control natural predators such as eagles, snapping turtles and intruder loons but we can try to keep the loons safe from human interference.
Last year, the loon chick was killed within a week, probably by an intruder loon. We can hope that this summer, the new chick will thrive and grow up to migrate in the late Fall.
Enjoy the summer on our beautiful lake and have fun watching the loons.
Jan Parsons, Loon Committee Chair
633-2298 camp
633-3174 West Barnet Rd house

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