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For additional lake water level information, see the Barnet Selectboard minutes below.

 As so many of our members have noted, and asked us to address, the lake water level has gone down six inches starting August 1st, coincidental with the then beaver dam removal. The top stop board had apparently been previously removed from the dam, and not replaced. As long as the alternate beaver dam was in place in the channel, the level remained at its normal height. Once gone, the level dropped six inches – the height of the missing stop board – over the next few weeks, and has remained low by that amount throughout the summer, a marked inconvenience to our boaters. We have made every effort to have the missing stop board in the dam replaced, to no avail.

 As noted in the Selectboard minutes, the stop board will not be replaced this year while the water level is being monitored by Inter Fluve Engineering, so as not to now disrupt the consistency of the water level readings. We will continue to remind Inter Fluve that those readings – to be used to help determine the height of the proposed dam replacement rock structure – will have to be modified by that artificial six inch discrepancy in order to provide an accurate data base of the actual normal water level height.

 In addition, the usual mid October (further) lake lowering will not take place.

 Draft minutes of the regular meeting of the Barnet Selectboard held on September 10, 2018:

 8. Consideration of annual lowering of Harvey’s Lake water level

Ms. Ford discussed her conversations with many stakeholders with regard to the regularly-scheduled annual lowering of the Harvey’s Lake water level in October. She indicated that the dam has operated with one stop log removed since the Selectboard term of Gary Bunnell, the former dam stop log manager, ended in March 2018. One factor to consider with regard to this year’s lowering is the ongoing hydrology study, which is a step in the direction of a permanent resolution of ongoing Harvey’s Lake watershed problems, in connection with the work underway by the Harvey’s Lake Dam Committee and Connecticut River Conservancy’s Ron Rhodes. Ms. Ford indicated that it would be preferred, from the perspective of the hydrology study, to not alter the number of stop logs installed for the duration of the study. Another consideration discussed by the Board is the persistent beaver dams located within the outlet channel between the lake and the dam. These beaver dams are, perhaps, the true arbiter of the lake level, regardless of the number of stop logs installed in the dam. Discussion ensued.

• The Board agreed to not alter the number of stop logs removed from the Harvey’s Lake Dam unless there is a major high-water event, thereby effectively cancelling the water level lowering event for 2018.



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Karla Cornelius, President

Outcome from the Barnet Selectboard minutes on variouse aspects of lowering the Lake Level.

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